Desert Vista High School Girls Lacrosse team. Phoenix AZ

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Helmet Fitting & Testimonials 


Helmet are not required for the 2021 season - if you want to order a helmet, contact coach Kinkade for details




Helmet presentation from December 2017 Parents meeting / October 2018 Board Meeting


US Lacrosse – 2018 open letter to coaches on helmets



Helmet experience from NY school district -  VIDEO

Hummingbird helmet story -  VIDEO


University of Syracuse helmet use articles - 2018

University of Syracuse players are starting to use the helmet for the 2018 season.




Cascade Helmet Details

Information for Cascade helmets used by Thunder LAX team




-Generally speaking, the head gear will feel more comfortable as it gets used more.  The girls are also not accustomed to having something on their heads like this in the past so there is some “break in” time to get used to wearing a brand new product.

-There are additional jaw padding that came with the head gear so if the girls feel its tight it might be worth swapping in the smaller padding.  Also, make sure the back strap is adjusted out farther.  If the back strap is not adjusted that could also be causing some of the tightness.  

-High pony tails, low braids, or wearing your hair flat is where we have seen most of the players gravitate to in order to find the best fit. 

Chris Keating Territory Sales Manager, Southeast USA 

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